Department 56 collections

A Who's Flue Who's Fireplace Place Grinch Villages 6003319

The homes of Who-ville are known for their eccentric designs, including chimneys which curve at seemingly-impossible angles. The secret to these quirky chimneys lies in the handiwork of the skilled Whos of Flue Who's Fireplace Place.
  • Lighted Buildings
  • 8.46 in H
  • Measures 8.5 x 7.5 x 7"

A Who's Grinch Max & Cindy-Lou Who Grinch Villages 804152

Set of 3 is the perfect compliment to your Grinch Village display. This trio of the main characters, Grinch, his dog Max, and tiny Cindy-Lou Who, remind us that the joy of Christmas can not be stopped.
  • Village Figures
  • 2.75 in H

A Who's Mt. Crumpit Grinch Villages 4029621


How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Mt. Crumpit, one of the many quirky buildings in Who-ville. Hand-crafted, hand-painted porcelain, includes light-cord with bulb.
  • Lighted Buildings
  • 9.65 in H
  • HAND-PAINTED: features are intricately detailed; snow features delicate glitter accents
  • LIGHTING FEATURES: building illuminates using a standard light cord and 6 watt 120 volt bulb (included); replacement bulb sold separately (ASIN B0052G
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 7.25" L (18.4 cm) x 6.75" W (17.1 cm) x 8.75" H (22.2 cm)

A Who's Perfect Stocking Stuffer Grinch Village 6007773

You never know what goodies you may find in a properly stuffed Whoville Christmas stocking!

A Who's Who Christmas Stocking Grinch Village 6007772

The "Whoville Stocking Seller" is out and about selling stockings and socks for all good little Whoville girls and Whoville boys!

A Who's-Ville Pancake House Grinch Villages 6001205

Campy architecture attracts the Whos to a fun-filled breakfast, perfect for enjoying on Christmas morning. Too busy to stay? Use the convenient “To Go” window and be on your way in minutes. Includes light cord and bulb.
  • Lighted Buildings
  • 8.19 in H

A Who's-Ville Stocking Store Grinch Village 6007770

Every good WHO in Whoville buys his stockings to hang in front of the fireplace from the Whoville Stocking Store", guaranteed to stretch to fill with lots of good things from Santa or the Grinch!

All I Need Is A Reindeer 804155

The Grinch Series, by Department 56 - a collection based on Dr. Seuss's wacky and wonderful classic picture book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. All I Need Is A Reindeer, Hand-crafted, hand-painted resin accessory figure.
  • Village Figures
  • 2.125 in H

Battersea The Dogs' Home Dicken's Village 6007596

Battersea has been looking after abandoned and unwanted animals since 1860 and is based in South West London. Each year they care for over 7,000 dogs and cats. It is one of the UK's oldest and best known animal rescue centers.

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