The Owlery Harry Potter Village 6006516

$46.50 $154.99
The Owlery is a bustling bird operated post office at the top of Hogwarts Castle. It's where student's owls live during the school year. Harry Potter frequents it often sending secret letters to the convict, Sirius Black. Comes with a battery box.
  • Lighted Buildings
  • 10.71 in H
  • Hand crafted and hand painted resin lit building.
  • Designed and manufactured by the artists at Department 56.
  • Department 56 Villages provide stunning memorable scenes that reflect style and imagination

The Shrieking Shack Harry Potter Village 6007753

$63.00 $209.99

The Shrieking Shack is an old abandoned house just outside of Hogsmeade. It was called this because of the shrieking noises that came out it. According to Ron Weasley, Even the Hogwarts ghosts avoid it .

  • Lights Up
  • Village
  • 8.15in H

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