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Friends Central Perk Chalkboard Mug PP6764FR

Bring a slice of Manhattan to your life with this awesome Friends Central Perk Chalkboard Mug. You can chalk a drink order or message onto the chalkboard area that has been lovingly reproduced to resemble the menu board that hung on the wall in the Central Perk coffee shop. Turn the mug around and you will find the Central Perk logo that will be instantly recognisable to anyone who enjoyed the outstanding comedy series Friends

Friends Central Perk light up box SPTQ16692

Convenient timer setting to automatically turn off after 6 hours 
3 AA Batteries required (Not included) 
6'3/8 x 6'3/8

Friends Central Perk Mug 14 oz

Dishwasher/Microwave Safe

Friends Central Perk Neon Light PP6461FR

Welcome to Central Perk. Would you like a cuppa coffee? Add a piece of 90s nostalgia to your home with this fun and stylish Friends Central Perk Neon Light. Invite friends over for coffee and reminisce about the fun antics of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey from one of the most-beloved sitcoms of all time. This terrific neon sign measures roughly 15-inches wide x 5-inches tall and boasts the instantly recognizable design of the iconic Central Perk logo. It comes with a wall mount but can also be free-standing. Also included is a USB cable to power the light. Wouldn't this look great in your house?!

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